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 Conveyor Belts. Can be used for all Manufacturer of Dryers.
  Tefloncoated for UV-Dryers or Polyester material for normal Dryers.
  TOP QUALITY. “Made in Germany”

 Typ. GG/04              Typ. AG/04 Anti static        Typ. GG/03


 Squeegee Rubber in different sizes and Shore. Premium Quality.

  65 - 95 Shore                               BiFlex/TriFlex


 UV-Lamps for all Manufacturer of UV-Dryers. 
  z.B. Svecia, Technigraf, Theimer, Printworld and much more..........

    UV-LAMP                        UV-Integrator


-Spare parts for SVECIA Squeegee Grinder and Split machine

Grinder belts                   Cutting blades
Korn 80 - 400                    “ ORIGINAL”

SVECIA Squeegee and Floodcoater. Typ. “A” 30 mm and Typ. “B” 40 mm

  Squeegee          Floodcoater NF     Floodcoater SF


DCR Handroller     Fast Pad    Adhesive      Elastomer Rolls
6” and 12”                        Rolls

RKS Squeegee Holder     Hand Squeegee            RKS Profiles